Its all in the brain!

So, the brain is pretty frazzled this week what with ‘the appointment’ due to arrive on the doorstep this Thursday. I’m excited about the new prospects, whatever they may be. I’m busy enthusing people about the next stage of Pill Corps history, recognising that some can’t wait until we’re gone and some people would rather we weren’t going. Still, I constantly remind myself that we have 6 months left in this appointment and there is still plenty to be getting on with! The brain is getting towards evaluation and ‘post mortem’ stage of this appointment, but there is still a war to be advanced and we’ve got to keep focussed. I reckon once Thursday morning is over, it will be easier (although, if we’re being appointed to the Outer Mongolian Territory, we may have a few things on our mind still!)

Anyway….wish I had something mind-blowing to share from the Into Officership thingy I was at last week, but there isn’t much. Actually, the informal discussions were more significant for me than the sessions themselves. Had some good old blethers with the good Captain Eileen Halliday…we always get round to some big topics! Don’t know how we manage it! Adultery and divorce, the full gospel, radical holiness, covenant, evangelism, uniform, Alove, appointments, awkward people, pastoral situations, the flag, spiritual health of the Army, spiritual gifts…you name it we covered it! Still, we didn’t quite sit up until 3 in the morning like the old college days! Ah..when training were training….!

Today, launch of Self-Denial Missionary appeal. I’m giving up watching TV for 4 weeks to spend more time praying for the work of the Army outside this Territory. I don’t watch a huge deal of telly, but when I do I always feel it’s a waste of time, even if its supposed to be for relaxation…I always think a soak in the bath with a good book is much more beneficial! I always remember that when I moved out of home I didn’t have a telly for nearly a year…didn’t miss much! I’d quite happily do without one. Anyway, its another notch in my ‘live more simply’ target for this year!

Anyway…of to check on Commissioner Brengle…he has had diahorrea and a dodgy tummy over the weekend and had to visit the vet…poor doggy. :o)

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