Announcing the Launch of Corps Cadets!

Whoever has heard of a soldier who doesn’t train? I have…they are often called Salvation Army soldiers (officers included!). I have had a growing conviction in recent days that there is much basic spiritual warfare and discipleship teaching that is just not happening in The Salvation Army. The more I spend time ministering to congregations and soldiers one to one, the more I realise that there are many missing gaps in our understanding of the true nature of the Christians battle.

And this gap is not only in terms of actual spiritual fighting in the world, as in prayer warfare, evangelism etc. There is often a lack in understanding about how to live in victory in our every day Christian walk. There is also a lack of balanced Chrsitian teaching in this area, and certainly not a great deal of teaching from a Salvation Army source.

Because of this, it is my desire to build up a resource of simple bite-size teaching in a new blog. You can catch the first post now over at

I was never a corps cadet, and I don’t know how effective a programme it really was, but for me it captures that idea of getting yourself prepared for war. So, inspite of any potential negative connotations the title may have for you, I hope you will pop over!

I offer this blog in the hope that at least someone may find it helpful.

Andrew C

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