Storming the Forts!

I’ve no idea how I managed to forget to blog about this, but we’ve had some recent success in the old spiritual warfare with regards to closing some buildings!

The first one was quite a few months ago…a sex shop (sorry, a massage parlour!!) in Hotwells, Bristol. It is on the route back to Pill from the city and every time I passed I asked the Lord to close it. Ann, our Assistant Sergeant-Major, had been praying the same as she passed on the bus each day. Within a few months the ‘For Sale’ signs were up on the shop. Hallelujah!

Secondly, late last summer we led a prayer walk around our community, involving other Christians from other churches, and we stopped outside the Railway Inn and asked the Lord to close it. Within a few months the pub was boarded up and no longer in business. The Lord answers prayer.

We pray that those employed in those businesses will find other suitable employment.


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