New pastures…

So, we’re moving into a new phase of ministry again. Thats probably the best way to sum up thoughts about our impending move. Its a very different appointment to Pill and to Dennistoun…praise God that he is a God of variety! It will be a pioneering appointment, with a heavy emphasis on evangelism. We will be spending the vast majority of our time with those who are not yet saved. We will be involved in chaplaincy at four primary schools and one secondary school, as well as overseers of a a 180 strong childrens ministry in the corps. We have a mandate to develop youth work and work with the families of the children connected with the schools ministry and our childrens ministry

As far as the corps goes, we have a strong and godly collection of faithful men and women, long standing salvataltionists, getting on in years, but still working hard for the kingdom. I see our role with them is encouragement in their faith and life and in reaching their own generation.

Now that I know all that, I can get back to the task in hand! The work at Pill here continues to be one of equipping local leadership, faciliting deeper spiritual growth, inspiring for the work of evangelism and developing a fighting corps! (though, hopefully more against the enemy than against themselves!…thats every Corps Officers dream!)

So, looks like I’ll get to know whether I’m better at pioneering or mountaineering. (Mountaineering is my personal term for mobilising a corps for evangelism…its rocky, perilous and a tough climb with the constant threat of avalanche!!)

Finally, just a note to say that Armyrenewal Blog has finally made it…it was mentioned (and quoted from!) in the DC’s weekly circular this week. You would think that knowing the DC was a regular reader would encourage me to behave myself….

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