Up North

So we are off to Scotland tomorrow on holiday. Staying a few days with my mum in Irvine (about 400 from here)then taking the extra 350 miles up to Wick! :o) It will be interesting to get a feel for the place, sort our some practical stuff, and get some video footage to settle the mind until its time to go!

Turns out that you get extra allowance for being in the Highlands. The simple logistics of getting lorries up there with food, petrol etc add to the cost of living. Fair enough. But as Tracy was saying on her blog, there isn’t a huge deal of things to spend money on! That can only be a good thing.

People keep asking me what I think about the move. To be honest, I’m really happy with it. The distance is obviously quite astonishing, but again, I’ve got a peace about the appointment and I can see why we are going there.

When we get to Wick in July, I’ll be starting a new blog to keep up to date with all thats happening up there in Wick. Details to follow. Army Renewal will continue as my ‘general comments’ blog. There may well be some overlap, but we will see.

Anyway…this will be the last post until we get back from holiday unless there is something really exciting to say when we’re away!

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