Roots Clarification

*smile* it doesn’t look like I am going to get away with my silence on Roots! I accept that it was helpful for many. I, personally, didn’t have a problem with the topic, in fact it re-awakened several key convictions. My concerns were with a few specific things that I cannot blog on, but just let me just clarify a few general things quickly:

– its lost its edge, missionally and spiritually. Its not as challenging as it was in its early years. Its becoming like Butlins or New Horizons. Its becoming more and more like Spring Harvest, which is OK, but its not what Roots is for as far as I understand it. It becoming entertainment. They tried to address this this year, but I felt that they failed.
– the aspect of renewal has almost disappeared…..I remember years of controversy over people being slain in the Spirit, speaking in tongues etc etc…its not that we’ve just began to accept and understand these things, its that people aren’t being given the invitation to explore and push the boat in their experience.
– its is losing its Salvationist focus…its becoming increasingly influenced by the rest of the church, and Salvationist speakers are few and far between
– there is a lot of agenda pushing going on. We must learn its not about us, its about God’s agenda. Just a personal opinion.

It is, however, better than anything else the Army has for this kind of purpose and that is why it should and must continue, but there is more, I believe, that the Lord wants to do with it.

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