What planet is he from?

I have never heard so much rubbish in my life. It is included here for your amusement! I wonder though, how often does this creep into the Army!?

3 thoughts on “What planet is he from?

  1. Oh my goodness! *rolls eyes and then places head in hands*Dancing before the Lord is good (and biblical) and all music can be used for worship. Worship is about our hearts, not our voices.As much as someone can listen to a “modern” funky worship song and dance along without worship, they can sit in their pew on a sunday giving lip-service to God.This man is so amazingly musically talented. He could be created worship which draws people towards God, instead he is not only pushing away the rest of the world, but also many Christians!It’s not the music that counts, it’s the heart. If the music and the words help that along then great, if they don’t then ditch it.Unfortunately, this is a problem in the Army today. People are so hung up on which tune songs are sung to. Admittedly some of the old tunes are rubbish, so just get some new ones and keep singing the truths contained within!Anyway, enough ranting. Good blog!

  2. I think your comments are very unfair. If I picked up a saxophone I could guarantee the sound would be ungodly! I’m struggling to find any references that Jesus may have made to not worshipping to the ‘backbeat’ or the ‘boogie woodgie’ but I’ll certainly watch myself in future.

  3. Bleargh!!!!some things just make you feel depressed when you hear them…..I’m amazed that this guy actually believes God thinks music style is important! It might seem funny, but its really kinda sad. That someone actually preached it… others heard it and thought it was important enough to post it on YouTube… makes me sooo sad.Sometimes I wish my ears could vomit out the things that I hear.

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