Prayer Request from Chikankata Mission

Here is a request for prayer from our good friends Richard and Heidi, who run the Salvation Army’s Chikankata Mission hospital in Zambia. Please pray up some strong protecting walls around them, and ask the Lord to post a few warring angels on those walls!
there is a lot of magic and witchcraft taking place around the mission at the moment. I don’t know what is going on. In the last week we have seen someone break into our mortuary during the night and tattoo a dead body, a man set his entirely family’s huts on fire for seemingly no reason and another dead body brought in extremely suspicious circumstances. The police are investigating all these matters but believe it’s related to witchcraft and black magic. It is really a spiritual war! I am a glad that I know that I am on the winning side but there is still a battle to be fought. It’s like that verse in the bible (I am not clever enough to know the exact the verse) where there is reference to the devil, who is prowling round like lion. I am really feeling that the devil is prowling around the outskirts of the Mission trying to find a way into our fortress. I may have to call in my friends in the Council of War for spiritual reinforcements. Please pray for us! It may not be what we are usually used to back home as a spritual war but this one is important for the people of Chikankata.

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