"10 on the Army" – Part 3

Article 3 – ‘Mad about Uniforms!’

This article is slightly tongue in cheek, partly serious. I like it! Geoff opens the discussion with a great quote from Monty Python!!!

“…you are all individuals!” (Brian, to mindless, adoring crowd)
“We are all individuals!” (crowd in unison)
“I’m not!” (lone individual in crowd)
“Shut up! Yes you are!” (crowd in unison”
Monty Python’s Life of Brian

AC – Hilarious

“Instead of choosing one of the myriad of ecclesiastical issues I have targeted over the years, or the gentle heresies I have briefly flirted with…it’s the uniform thing that constitutes fighting talk”

AC – join the club!!

“Clothing, for those of us in the West who have the luxury of choosing what we wish to wear every day, is an expression of how we see ourselves and what persona we wish conveyed.”

AC – this is true across the board. It is why I think uniform wearing has much to say.

“In the newer, seeker-sensitive community churches that the Army has opened in various suburbs over the past few years, traditional Salvation Army uniform is generally eschewed….And yet, these new churches […]have produced and wear identical, well…uniforms. Polo/golf shirts with an embroidered logo over the left breast pocket…We are all individuals it seems!”

AC – either these people have caught the ‘essense’ of uniform wearing, or unwittingly, in some form of interesting revolt, they have ended up emulating the same principle. I maintain that you can spot an ‘Alove-ie’ miles away! Its more bizarre for me for everyone to be wearing the same casual clothes than actually just coming out with it and wearing a uniform! :o)

Ryan quoting Paul Fussel, in his book ‘Uniforms, Why we are what we wear’:

“…there’s always going to be an internal conflict between one’s aggressive urge to register a singular identity and the opposite impulse, the need to join the crowd and this risk riddicule, if not contumely…It’s hard to avoid seeing this as a form of madness. Conflicts like this are known in psychiatry to lie at the root of many mental disorders.”

AC – great quote! Is your identity crisis running the chance of driving you potty? Go on….put your tunic on!

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