Its started already!

….saying goodbye! I’ve started to attend the last of several things I attend: meetings, groups, people etc.

Last night I said bye to some friends from my ceilidh friends. Ceilidh is the gaelic word for ‘gathering’ (a ceilidh isn’t just a dance…in fact, its not really got anything to do with dancing… ceilidh is a noun AND a verb), and there are a few of us who meet and speak Gaelic together every three months and have a good time!

I was really touched with a parting gift, a very thoughtful gift from people of little faith….they had managed to track down a copy of the Jesus video in…wait for it…Scottish Gaelic! A very valid reminder that every tongue and nation will be represented round the throne of God in Glory! Hallelujah! Suas leis a’ Ghaidhlig! (Up with Gaelic!)

As well as saying goodbye, I’m sorta starting to say ‘hello’ to Scotland and I have to say that I am returning to a very different Scotland! I didn’t believe the day would come when Alex Salmond would be First Minister of Scotland. I believe Scotland should be an independant nation again…not for nationalistic reasons (contrary to what some people may believe in Pill!), but because I believe the devolution has shown that independence can greatly increase the standard of life for the average Scot. If the average Scots life is being improved in so many ways, then it means that some of the poverty I have witnessed in a wealthy land like Scotland should becoming more rare. Please Lord.

If there is another way to do that than independance, I’d like to see it, but if that’s what it takes…

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