‘Salvationists’ on BBC ‘Casualty’ Drama

So, as I write, there is a Salvation Army sub-story running through the hospital drama ‘Causalty’ on the BBC. This programme is filmed in our city. We got a ‘tip off’ from DHQ that this may happen because the suggestion is that there is some sort of relationship going on between the two male soldiers.

Leaving aside the homosexual issue, there are a few interesting things about public perception of the Army.

– the injured soldier fell down some stairs when he is carrying some War Crys
– these soldiers and one officer are in their uniform. There seems to be an assumption that this is what they would normally be wearing…cap and all!
– there was an interesting formality between some of the members, especially between the officer, who is the mother of the injured Sally, and the ‘friend’ of the injured Sally.
– the injured Salvo gives some ad-hoc counselling to one of the nurses, but also ends up spilling his own problems and getting the advice
– the officer is an elderly black lady (an interesting addition in itself), a bit of a battle-axe (I wonder if she is based on any elderly officer I know of in this city?…one of the script advisors on Casualty is married to my Assistant Sergeant Major and was singing as part of a folk group at our Home League Festival this evening!…oh the irony hehe)
– there was a ‘lets have a nice cup of tea’ included….classic!
– injured Salvo is scared of upsetting his officer mother….he is about 30 and this mother seems to run his life.
– Injured Salvo chooses to marry his bride in the end, inspite of the innuendo of attraction…his background and sense of ‘what should be done’ seems to tip the scale. I think this is sometimes what works with a lot of Salvos, epecially if they aren’t deeply grounded in faith.

Fairly harmless story inspite of the homosexual thing.

This is how some see us. Lessons to be learned, there are some interesting Salvation Army culture issues highlighted. Interesting. :o)

7 thoughts on “‘Salvationists’ on BBC ‘Casualty’ Drama

  1. I had to watch it on Catch up TV as I don’t watch it anymore. The Army captain was Blossom from Eastenders. Though I kept gettingdistractedwhenwatchingit so didn’t quite keep up. Although the male Salvationist was brought across as quite ignorant.

  2. yeah, it was funny because we all know its not exactly like all that, but thats public perception, or, at least the perception of the producers.And yeah, the white male did come across a bit ignorant…he must have been a bando! :o)

  3. I didn’t watch it but was aware of the story line, due to my ‘insider’ info – I do know though, as you probably do, that because of the homosexual storyline, the Army refused to advise….. something that was thought to be quite telling by some crew and cast members – I, along with my other-half, recognise that to provide advice on that story-line would have been ‘difficult’ and even on the medical advising side it can be quite difficult to get the medical advice accepted…. by some who are more interested in ‘entertaining’ story-lines rather than accurate ones 🙂

  4. 🙂 yep…know what you mean. I remember an Army story-line some time ago on Casualty…about an officer who was on the brink of losing the plot and was in the hospital having a heart attack or something! I guess its always gonna be dramatic on casualty…nevertheless, its interesting to see how we were perceived. Was just wondering if Dick put in any input into the character of the retired officer….she reminds me of someone 🙂

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