The Singing Company

I wonder if you have come across ‘The Singing Company’ yet – a group of primitive Salvationist youth over the pond who have a CD called ‘The Red Book Sessions.’ Basically, they give old Army songs a bit of a beat and a re-airing. A really simple and enjoyable sound. I dare you to listen and not smile and tap your foot in praise! :o) Che’ck them out. You can hear their tracks online.

My favourites are ‘Marching On!’ and, on their Christmas CD, ‘Joy: to the world and in The Salvation Army’ !

6 thoughts on “The Singing Company

  1. Heh – your two favourites are the same as mine! I actually enjoy the fact that it’s all a little cheesy :)I also like Storm the Forts.

  2. If you like these guys then you might also want to take a look at the following CD’s:Send the FireI know a fountUnfailing LoveThey are all the work of US Salvationists, especially Phil Laeger and Marty Mikles. Not so fussed about the reworking of some of the contemporary worship songs, but the new life they add to some of the old classics is wonderful.

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