Reflection 1

I hope you can forgive a bit of a quieter blog over the next little while! The next three weeks for us are packing as well as tying up odd ends at the corps. Then we are taking our two week summer holiday. Then its our farewell weekend, then we are off to back to Scotland! I do intend to blog, but it will be fewer and further between I’d imagine. I’ll be offering (for my own benefit more than yours!) some reflections on the last 3 years of ministry over the next couple of weeks.

The ‘goodbyes’ are still ongoing really. Last night was our last corps council, which was fine, until I decided I’d read a few verses from the first chapter of Philippians as my pray for the CC….I just about go through it without a tear, although my voice wobbled a bit! Saying goodbyes are difficult. We’ve been on such a journey, a real spiritual battle too. Every difficult day has been worth it though to see the things that are happening in the corps now.

Our ward system is still going from strength to strength. We’re still seeing a 500% increase (that’s not an exaggerated figure) attending our midweek discipleship programme since we started our Ward System. Hallelujah. We have five active wards, ranging in active attendance between 3 and 12 with one Ward almost ready to multiply before the end of the year.

But more than that is the spiritual impact. People are gaining confidence in praying both in a group setting and in public. People are interacting more in the hall and in fellowship outside too. Each ward is also beginning to get to grips with some active outreach…and a couple of Wards are considering utilising the Jesus Video Project, delivering a copy to homes in their Ward Areas.

People are being effectively pastored by a willing (most of the time!) and able team of pastoral leaders, and trained by a capable group of bible teachers. This corps could function in pastoral care and discipleship without an officer. Is this not part of our aim as corps officers? To train, release and equip soldiers for ministry. Sure, they will all say they’ve got a bit to go yet, but so do we all and they are doing a great job.

The Ward System will continue to bring health and growth to Pill. One of the reasons I am convinced of this is because, unlike some things, I haven’t had to drag it into reality. It has a life of its own which I have the opportunity simply to hold together through the ward leaders meeting.

In a sense, it would have been great to have been here to see how it develops, but I will be delighted as I watch from a distance the advance of the Kingdom in Pill!

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