Reflection 2 – changing roles

Having just posted about an hour ago that I wasn’t going to be blogging as regularly, here I go again.

I am sensing a change in myself that I am so relieved about. I’ve had this before…I had it when I went to training college. I am going to try and explain it because maybe there is someone out there who has experienced it too and wondered if you were the only one…

I suppose its that feeling of transition, spiritually. When we moved from Dennistoun to college, my role dramatically changed. From frontline East End of Glasgow work to the setting of the college was big. Within a few weeks at college, my role had all of a sudden changed from battler, fighter, change agent, destroyer, social worker, evangelist to that of encourager, equipper, builder-up-er…and yes, friends, pastor! People would have loved this in Pill I am sure, but it wasn’t what we were called to do.

Right now, I feel a similar type of change. Pill has been a bitlike battler, fighter, change agent, destroyer with a little bit of positive building stuck on the end! God has been so clear already that he is not appointing us to do the same for the Wick Corps. The call is ‘building and expansion.’

Here are the things that are coming through very strongly for me in my prayers of preparation for Wick, in addition to my generic callings to preaching holiness, full salvation and prophetically calling the Army to spiritual renewal, the marginalised and to mission-focussed heroism:

renewal facilitator! Sounds similar to the generic, but in ways that we’ve seen some refreshing in Pill, I believe we will see more in Wick. I’ve got a strong sense of calling to really minister to the wider body of the church in Caithness (which is the county we are in). This is the response to praying through the prophecies God has spoken to me. God is moving strategically in Wick in preparation for his new day.
evangelist. I will be spending much greater proportions of my time in Wick with the unsaved. I’ll finally be returning to my first love…sharing the gospel. I have a wonderful pub round to do, tonnes of children’s work in schools, youth work to pioneer and a HUGE district to work in! My corps district is probably about a 10th of the size Scotland!!!!

The upside to all this, is that I won’t need to be so tough…well, perhaps not in the same way as here! What a sense of relief that is for me personally! As well as the spiritual change, there will be the simple practical opportunities to learn from your mistakes. Praise God that he teaches us.

I thank God for every minute we still have here in Pill…we still believe we have been right for the times – and this is still the time!

Pray for us, will you?

One thought on “Reflection 2 – changing roles

  1. Just to continue to assure you of my prayers…. for you all. I am still absolutely convinced that you were sent here for the specific tasks you outlined – the evidence of how much God has used you both in your ministry here in Pill speaks for itself…. particularly in the Wards – if I hadn’t have seen it for myself I wouldn’t have thought it could happen (oh ‘me’ of little faith!) but thankfully God had and has other ideas. I know that God will continue to use you both in a very special way…. whilst you are still with us in deepest north somerset! but in the uttermost (literally) part of the UK in bonny Scotland. Much Love & prayersAnn

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