New soldier

Tomorrow, we have the joy of witnessing our newest soldier sign his covenant as we enrol him! Hallelujah! We’re looking forward to have his family and friends from work witness the event…they don’t attend the corps. He will be the sixth soldier we’ve enrolled at Pill. We also have the possibility of enrolling one more before we leave, but that depends on a lot of things!

4 thoughts on “New soldier

  1. While I fully understand and appreciate the terminology of the ‘soldiers’ covenant,’ I still miss the martial aspect of soldiers signing their ‘Articles of War.’Ah, well…

  2. Thank you AndrewToday was one of the proudest days of my life As you may know I have been reading your blogs for a number of months they have been a great source of comfort to me and my inspiration at time.Please continue when you move to Wick

  3. God bless you Brian…its a privelege to have been involved in just a small way in your journey into faith and soldiership.You are a fine Christian man and I know that the Lord will use your powerful testimony at home, work and in whatever way you serve in the Army.blessings brother,Andrew

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