Farewell Sunday!

It is hard to believe, sitting here right now, that the Pill chapter is almost over (still 4 days in command!). We had a good meeting this morning, and it wasn’t as difficult as I though. I think I moved into that mode that you go into when you’re doing things like funerals…you know, the ‘I will not lose the plot’ mode! My eyes were moist a couple of times, just simply because you become thankful that you’ve lifted up Jesus enoughto impact someone’s life for the better.

Of course, people said some kind things, which we appreciate. And it is obvious that those good things are things that were heart felt by so many who just happened not to be the ones speaking. The small few who have strongly opposed our ministry were not present, and that was a pity because you never imagine that trying to please the Lord and do what he asks of you could provoke such reaction, but Jesus tells us to expect it I suppose.

I can’t help but feel that it is not necessarily God’s plan A that we are leaving at this juncture. That is not to say that our move is wrong, because God has confirmed that it is right. So what do I mean? Simply that we all have a habit of getting in the way of what God is trying to do and so we end up on plan F much of the time. Regardless of that, his permissive will is as right, proper and true as his perfect will. God knows, and what he wills is right.

But now, to Wick, a return to Scotland, which really is an answer to my heart’s cry. I’ve already said that there are things that the Lord is planting in my heart for the war on that front, and even the possibility of that gives me a lot of joy and excitement.

I praise and thank God for the opportunity to work on this front…battles won, battles lost….yet Jesus still reigns victorius and his Kingdom advances continually. The gates of hell never prevail against the church…they are gates, they don’t attack, the defend, and the power of Word and its Author are far superior. We simply need to fight in their strength and the walls will come down…praise God. He is worthy.

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