Gone but still here

We’re in the last packing days here at Wick…the last of the boxes are being stuffed with…stuff. Soon, we’ll be travelling to the opposite end of the country to begin our new appointment.

Its Ben’s birthday this week, so we had a wee party today for a few of his friends from school to give him a chance to say goodbye too.

I had an education at the food time. Here is a conversation that took place between two very young ladies, five years old, (not using thier real names):

Leah: Why don’t you go to JaM Club Sarah?
Sarah: Because I don’t believe in God and Jesus, thats all.
Leah: Well, you really should believe in God and Jesus?
Sarah: I don’t want to
Leah: But God made the world and Jesus, well he made it to and he made you and me.
Sarah: I still don’t want to.
Leah: Well I really think you should…Jesus made my mummy pregnant, and thats why I am here!

I’ll leave you to interpret that in whatever way you like! Bless em!

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