The first 100?

I am sure, like me, you’ve heard of the ‘first 100 days’ as being significant for new Prime Ministers etc. Well, I suppose they are sort of like that too for a corps officer! Having started work last Thursday in our new command, things are already beginning to build up steam. We are nearing the end of the summer holidays here in Scotland, so it will be getting into the normal scheme of things very soon.

Our welcome weekend was good. There were over 70 soldiers and friends who had gathered on Sunday morning and around 40 in the evening. We were ‘installed’ into our new appointment by our Divisional Commander, Major Martin Hill. Ben and Ceitidh made their presence known!

We were also welcomed at the Home League on Monday where just under 60 ladies gathered…they tell us there were many missing due to the weather. Talking about the weather, they could do with a bit more wind up here! Sheesh…I can see why Army caps have chin straps! Anyway, its a bit cooler, which suits me fine!

I’ve witnessed things this week that I’d long forgotten happen in Scotland: children in prams…big prams, sleeping outside shops and coffee shops in the streets while mums have cups of tea inside; supermarkets full of lovely Scottish food I’d forgotten about; people walking round Tesco’s with their kilts on!

Last Saturday, we went up to the castle of Mey, to the Highland Games where the game Cheiftan was HRH The Duke of Rothesay (as the Prince of Wales is known in Scotland), and, of course, the Duchess of Rothesay. I was expecting his arrival at the games to be with much pomp and circumstance, so you can imagine my surprise when the Prince drives his own car (a humble light green Audi estate), with the Duchess in the passenger seat, into the games arena. He did a grand job adjudicating in the tug-of-war too…all very interesting!

Anyway, still no internet at home…should arrive next week when normal blogging should resume. I’ll also be starting to use my ‘Wick Blog’ (see right) for corps things and keeping Army Renewal for the purpose I started it.

thats all for now!


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