From the Northern Front….

So, apologies for the lack of blogging, but I’ve been about my Father’s business! Things are progressing well on the northern front! People are responsing well to our ministry in the corps and we’re getting more and more well known in the town. Can’t go out with out a wee kid shouting “Hello Captain Andrew!” Tis good.

Thankfully, there is no discernable negative spiritual strongholds in the life of the corps. Things are healthy spiritually, the soldiers are prayerful, well saved and doing well on the whole. There are many who are ready for some deeper level of things…hallelujah. Tonight I introduced the concept of power evangelism and the response was enthusiastic. Hallelujah again.

The town though, is in possession of a strong anti-Christian stonghold. There seems to be no logical reason for that other than its a device of the enemy. We do have freemasonry in the town…that may well have something to do with it. The average church attendance for Scotland is 12% but here in Wick and Caithness only 6% of the population go to church. When you consider a whole 1% of Pill went to the Army alone, you will understand the contrast.

The vast majority of people are very warm and weloming, but in the several witnessing situations I’ve had so far, the discussion has been very anti-God. We are praying God will lift up the veil of the enemy so that we can see some eyes opened. We’re in the middle of teaching the warriors here how to pray more specifically and biblically, so we’re hoping that will be of great benefit. This is warfare stuff though…this is where we become open to the attack of the enemy…cover us in prayer if you have the time to.

I think the Lord has laid out the strategy for the battle on the kids front…I’ll be working that through and letting you know the plans in that area in due course. I’m excited about what God is going to do.

We had our divisional welcome meeting last Saturday. I was interviewed and in the process was asked to explain primitive salvationism to the people gathered. Nice opportunity to share that message.

Was even more fascinating to discover that whilst the Lord was preparing me for an appointment in North Scotland, the appointments board had been intending to send me somewhere else until the Lord interupted proceedings and changed the plans…had it from the mouth of one of those involved (who shall remain nameless in case he gets into trouble…although, seeing as he testified to the fact during his sermon, I reckon the damage is already done!! lol) I was able to confirm that the Lord had already communicated this fact to me previously to bolster his arguement that we must listen to God!

So, over and out for now.

keep fighting like a warrior

Andrew C

One thought on “From the Northern Front….

  1. superb Andrew – thanks for the update. Great to hear that God does indeed have a casting vote at the appointments board. Praying Gods protection and blessing upon your ministry.Dan

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