Where is the Scottish Salvation Army going?

Just happened to be looking at a list of corps in the West Scotland division, my home division.

There are 31 corps in the division today, albeit that there are two or three on their way out, sadly.

When I became a Salvationist in 1995 there were 51 corps. 20 corps closed in 12 years and a few more due for the chop.

Something is seriously wrong. This is not right.

I don’t know much about the division I am in, but the West is showing a severely unhealth sign of decline. What’s happening in the east?? Let us know.

Come on Salvationists of Scotland, we’ve got some praying to do! Not only that, we’ve got some evangelism to do.

How is the war on your front?

4 thoughts on “Where is the Scottish Salvation Army going?

  1. I can’t give you a definitive statement, but East Scotland has recently lost Penicuick and Selkirk. The corps I’m most keenly aware of having closed is St Andrews, simply because the town now falls into our district. I’m not sure if other corps have closed as well… I don’t think so.It seems, scarily, that declining congregation numbers and a shortage of leaders are taking their toll. Money is always an issue as well.But there are bright spots too: Summer school has had an amazing impact on the young people attending. Several of our young people have come back full of enthusiasm and a new-found faith. One of them is leading the God Spot at youth club tonight (at her own request) and four of them want to find out more about junior soldiership. Locally, we’re seeing small changes that tell us God is doing something in people’s lives.

  2. I should add that the young people who are so enthusiastic are from our youth club… they previously had little contact with the “church” side of the corps. Now we can’t get them to stay away 🙂

  3. Hallelujah! We praise God for signs of life and pray that that will fan into a flame! Yes, I believe God will use children in these days.I sense that we need to capture a pioneering spirit in our corps…to look at areas in our district and see what we can do do reach the most amount of people.God bless Glenrothes and their wonderful officers ;o)

  4. Hi Andrew. Can only echo what Chris has put. Particularly interested to see the section of the prophecy on your other post that speaks of Gods power flowing through the young people and not just children in Christian families. The young people Chris referred to are from a mixture of backgrounds and one set of parents I think are struggling with their children’s new found passion in life. What a chance to reach out to whole families through the passion of young people. praise to God.btw, are you ok with me linking to these posts from the SA in Scotland Facebook group – would love to widen the audience of these prophecies.blessings on you and yoursDan

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