Spiritual Questions

I’ve had a request to post the questions I referred to in my last post. Here goes:

Salvation Army Orders and Regulations for Soldiers, 1950, Chapter 3, Section 4.

1. Am I habitually guilty of any known sin? Do I practice or allow myself in any thought word and deed which I know to be wrong?
2. Am I so the master of my bodly appetites as to have no condemnation? Do I allow myself in any indulgence that is injurious to my holiness, growth in knowledge, obedience, and usefulness?
3. Are my thoughts and feelings such that I should not be ashamed to hear them publshed before ?
4. Does the influence of the world cause me to act, feel, or say things that are unlike Christ?
5. Do my tempers cause me to act, or feel or say things that I see afterward are contrary to that love whch I ough to bear always to those about me?
6. Am I doing all in my power for the salvation of sinners? Do I feel concern about their danger and pray and work for their salvation as if there were my children?
7. Am I dulfilling the vows I have made to God in my acts of consecration or at the Penitent Form?
8. Is my example in harmony with my profession?
9. Am I conscious of any pride or haughtiness in my manner of bearing?
10. Do I conform to the fashions and customs of this wrld, or do I show that I despise them?
11. Am I in danger of being carried away with worldly desires to br rich or admired?

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