One Band

Its 3pm and I’m exhausted already! We’ve had a Christian band called “The One Band” in the town today doing assemblies at three of the primary schools and I was there to cheer them on as school chaplain. The children and youth worker at one of the local churches arranged the visit and its been great to start working together…we do a Scripture Union club together at one of the schools.

Was fantastic to see all the kids ‘bopping’ (or whatever the trendy word should be) along to the music and some great and great to see a clear message being shared. Great back-up work to all that we as the Army are doing in the schools.

So…for the first time since I’ve come to Wick, I’ve been able to have a good jump myelf and thats done me good! Three lots of half hour slots of jumping is good exercse…I thoroughly recommend jumping in worship to you! ;o)

Tomorrow we’re at the High School all day..a different setting altogether…prayers appreciated!


Praise God also for a successful Bible study at the corps last night. The teaching was on prophecy, tongues and interpretation… was very well received and we pray that God will do a new work of grace amongst us.

God has to renew his people before he will go to the world with revival… “if my people….” Bring it on Lord.

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