Divisionally Speaking

Oops….I forgot to tell you I wouldn’t be around this week. We’ve been at officers retreat with the other officers in the Division. Major Marion Drew, a DC from another part of our territory, led thoughts on Spiritual Leadership. It was another good affirming time and God always blesses us lots by communicating his word and will to us. There was a great openness amongst the officers as we shared, encouraged, challenged and prayed for one another.

It was also a time to intercede for our Division. With only 20 corps, we are numerically the smallest division, but we have by far the most territory to cover, going from Dundee in the south, to Wick in the North, Fraserburgh in the east and Oban in the west. Add to that all the Scottish Islands such as Lewis, Orkney and Shetland, which is nearer Norway that it is to London! Such a diverse group of corps in such differing environments and communities, everything from small islands to large cities.

We face challenges as a division in that we have a few corps un-officered. Some corps’ isolation makes covering meetings and general day to day maintenance of the mission difficult. Pray for these places, will you? We are also short on officer staff at DHQ.

Part of our officer fellowship in the division is a certain Major Brian Findlay. He’s posted a few miles down the coast (well, about 250 or so miles down the coast). It was wonderful to be able to honour and bless him when I shared that he was the officer leading the meeting one of the very first times I ever attended the Salvation Army. It was just a privilege to be able to bless him for the part he has played in my coming to faith.

Thank God for The Salvation Army.

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