Monday Update

OK…so didn’t have anything else to call the post. A few random things to blog today.
The Articles of War series has been continuing at Wick, I’ll get the latest updates on the website asap. Will let you know!
I’ve been introduced to the writings of Bill Johnson. Worth checking out. Heard about him when I was attending a training course led by the Scottish team from Healing Rooms, also worth checking out. What a powerful ministry these guys have.
I’ve been thinking a lot about healing recently. You see, you can’t read the gospels without getting the idea that Jesus healed people, and not only that, but the Spirit enabled his disciples and many others to do the same. If you know anything about me you’ll know that I believe we have potentially every spiritual gift.

Someone said once that they are like an arsenal that we have access to, rather than a common view that we have what we get. The idea that Paul tells us to seek spiritual gifts (and a few other passages) suggest that we’re not ‘stuck’ with what we get. You see, its not about us and our giftedness, but what God wants to do.

I’m strongly convinced that Jesus was intending that we display as well as proclaim the gospel. I’m constantly challenging corps folk to look at what Jesus did….he didn’t just sheepishly hang around waiting for an opportunity to share something about God, he created opportunities, preached the good word and then backed up his word with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power.

In case you are tempted to think that Jesus could only do this because he was God, you might be challeged to remeber that Jesus set aside his divinity (Phil 2). All he did, he did in the power of the Holy Spirit. We have the same access. Jesus said we will do more than him. Lets get set.
If you haven’t before, check out Extreme Prophetic, especially the TV programmes online there. There is a lot of interesting teaching to get tuned into. You probably won’t like it though if you’re not familiar with Holy Spirit!
There is a lot of ignorance flying round about Holy Spirit. I heard someone say the other day of a local charismatic Church of Scotland (something I thought was an oxymoron until I visited a couple of weeks ago) “they are the ones that do presbyterian in the morning and Toronto at night.”

Someone else who failed to grasp that charismatic Christianity is normal Christianity, and anything less is abnormal. More than that, the assumption that anything to do with Holy Spirit must automatically be labelled ‘Toronto’. That’s a worrying trend, especially if we are using it in a derogatory term. Holy Spirit can and does get offended. God help us to be true to him.
Freemasonry – OK, our area here in Wick, and indeed the whole of the north here is rife with freemasonry. When Paul speaks of ‘spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms’, freemasonry is the type of thing he is talking about.

In case anyone be in doubt about what the Army’s position on freemasonry is, let me quote General Bramwell Booth:

No language of mine can be too strong in condemning any Officers [pretty safe to read ‘any Salvationist’ in there too] affiliation which shuts Him out of its Temples; and which in its religious ceremonies gives neither Him nor His Name any place…The place where Jesus Christ is not allowed is no place for any Salvation Army officer. As for the future, the Army’s views on this matter will be made known to all who wish to become officers, and acceptance of these views will be necessary before candidates can be received for training, and further, from this time it will be contrary for any Officer to join such a Society.

You’ll be assured to know that candidates for officership are still required to deny any membership of any secret societies such as freemasonry. However, I’ll make no reference to the possibility of their being officers currently involved. I certainly know of soliders who are/have.

There is no place in any Salvation Army corps for a man caught up in false covenant with the enemy. We must be active in enabling such men to renounce these covenants and become united again with Jesus. It is for freedom that Jesus set us free. We compromise on this at our peril.

Thats all for now!


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