The nuts and bolts

The lack of blogs on this front are simply due to my internet providers inability to complete a simple task such as switching my broadband to a different number and my Scottish reluctance to spend loads of money on dial-up connection. Occassionaly I can bag some free wifi…anyway…

Pretty much had the whole corps in our living room the other evening…not a difficult task at the moment. However, just so totally refreshed by the attitude to mission here. These folks are willing to try just about anything to win their community. They are willing to take on anything that will advance the war and jettison anything that doesn’t. Thats good Salvationist spirit. The amount of times I’ve heard them say ‘we’re in this together’ is just another blessing. They own the mission of this corps 110%. In many places half the battle is getting people to do that.

On the whole, we are about 12 of us at the moment…12 (that includes the 4 Clarks) who constitute the remnant at Torry here. Nice biblical number, I hear you say.

So, from our wee discussion the other evening, we distilled the elements of our ministry here…its obvious and plain and we’re all pretty stoked up about it.

1. Build a faith community that is representative of Torry, being as inclusive as we can.

2. Making a difference in the lives of children and youth. Our only local officer, Grace, is the YPSM and she has a big heart for children. She is a gift, a beautiful person. We’re blessed too to have teenagers finding faith and working out what its all about.

3. Remembering the poor (remembering in the sense of refusing to forget that we exist for them). Call it what you like: last, lost, least, marginalised, worse off, financially challenged. None of them are great titles, but then the situations that people find themselves in is often far from great. We are going to have to be creative in reaching out in a culture that is not always fast to seek help and support.

So…this is the hymnsheet (or powerpoint slide for the techically advanced) that we are all singing from.

Yes…I was made for this. Have you ever though about the statement that William Booth made that evening he went home to his beloved Catherine and declared “Darling, I have found my destiny!”? What was it? It wasn’t just preaching…he’d been doing that. It wasn’t just evangelising…he’d already been doing that. He was declaring that his destiny was to preach good news, evangelise, win, rescue and help the poor…indeed: the last, lost and least. He set about his life to do this one thing, starting a movement to help him do the same.

Its our birthright, its our reason d’etre (or however you spell that) and The Salvation Army moves in its annointing, calling and purpose so long as it is loving, serving and winning the poor.

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