You may, or may not, have heard of MMCCXX. The vision is to see 2000 outposts planted in 200 cities in 20 years (MMCCXX are Roman numberals for 2000 200 and 20). Its a Salvation Army initiative, being co-ordinated by Stephen Court, the vision having been birthed in the 614 Vancouver War Room (24/7 prayer room).

The emphasis is on bi-vocational leadership…ie, you work at a regular job and plant a community at the same time. This cuts through the officer leader shortage as well as the finance thing. I guess there will be officers signing up to who have a vision and heart for such things.

The DNA of the effort are mission-focussed, charismatic-flavoured, heroism; commitment to the poor; authentic community etc…regular SA esssentials.

Here is a task…lets follow the Luke 10:2b suggestion and pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send out labourers into the harvest field. Why not set you watch or alarm to buzz at 10.02 am or pm and pray faithfully, everyday, to the Lord of the Harvest. The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few.

Also, if you are saying to yourself “I could never plant a corps” then can I just offer a suggested read to challenge your thinking? Try ‘Organic Church’ by Neil Cole. Not a cheap book, because its still in hardback, but will leave you thinking ‘yes, maybe I can do this.’

We can’t all build mega-churches but perhaps you could start a group of 12 who could then all start a group of 12. Multipliction is the key. And hey, this isn’t Salvation Army survival tactics, this is Kingdom business. Lets get people saved, sanctified and plugged into the great commission.

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