Welcome to 2009 at Army Renewal

Happy New Year to all! Unfortunately, it’s been a rather cold/flu/infection-filled start to 2009, knocked us all for six, but we’re all gradually gaining strength again!

January is about getting down to the business at hand. We begin with sharing in strategy discussions with DHQ in the next week or so as we begin to communicate how we see things develop here.

Stage one of the operation, as already indicated on these pages, is the establishing of some small groups/cells/wards and the development of a monthly gathering of those groups. In larger terms, our vision is to build a vibrant faith community that reflects the neighbourhood in terms of its make-up. This is the exciting bit. We’re wedged to no-ones plan or design other than the direction of the Holy Spirit…we’re out to reach people with the gospel, disciple them as soldiers, and help them engage in mission with us.

Our current strength stands at two active soldiers plus ourselves. What can I say, we can only grow!

I hope you’ll join us in our advance here in prayer and by joining us for regular updates!

One thought on “Welcome to 2009 at Army Renewal

  1. Wow, two soldiers and yourselves that’s quiet an army! Will be praying that God will give you His wisdom and His boundaries as you move into this exciting work. I am heading up a new programme as well – we hope to be housing and caring for victims of Human Trafficking in South Africa very soon – a bit scary but we believe it will be great. Margaret stafford Pretoria South Africa

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