Refining Vision

This week has been a real opportunity for us to clarify and refine our vision for Torry aided by our visit to the strategy council next week. Its exctiting to get a sense of how God is working stuff out.

The problem with having such a blank sheet (albeit with a few things scribbled on it) is discerning what to do and what not to do, especially since we have a building.

Its very easy to sit down and think up a million programmes which may well seem to be successful programmes in themselves (time tested, time honoured and all that), but quite another thing to keep people and NOT programme the focus. We very much want any programme we introduce to be in response to real needs we find among the people we meet, and not manufacturing programme to address needs we think SHOULD be there.

It is, however, refreshing to be able to sit down and prioritise mission (in the full sense of the word). I’ve been at this sort of stage twice with a corps, once at Pill when we did out mission review and here. It does feel, I confess, a bit of a cheat to be doing it in the context of this situation rather than working with a larger, more established congregation, but in reflecting back on the last couple of years I think my own personal sanity requires this particular eposide of our ministry.

Also, its one thing to have a vision and quite another to see it happen. I’m certainly the visionary type, the pioneering type, not necessarily strong as a ‘finisher’ or ‘manager’ to use the management/team role language. Nevertheless, God’s given me a great wife! She’ll keep me right! :o)

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