Sanctification Day

Today is the day of salvation, like every other day. And today is the day to get holy like every other day, but today many Salvos around the world will be taking note of the up and rising ‘Salvation Army holiday’ called Sanctification Day. The date comes from a little date when Commissioner Samuel Brengle testfied to God’s powerful moving in his life and filling him with perfect love.

Sanctification is a supernatural thing. Its not about growing up into Jesus – thats maturity. Its not just about our moral behaviour – thats the fruit of our repentance and our desire to obey the Lord. Holiness is God cleansing us from sin by His Holy Spirit, washing us, and filling us afresh with his presence, power and purity.

We’re totally not worthy, but its a blessing to us because of Jesus. Because we are washed in his blood and seen as righteous before God because of the salvation provided on the cross, the Holy Spirit comes along and just applies the full blessing of that salvation as he makes us, supernaturally, vessels for his dwelling and blessing.

I’ve spent this first hour of Sanctification Day enjoying Holy Spirit. I cracked open the Psalms at number 51, David’s wonderful sanctification prayer, and uttered it back to God as if they were my own words. Holy Spirit highlighted areas needing cleansing, he enabled my clear confession and then came with his cleansing balm.

I prayed on and prayed that God would restore to me afresh the joy of my salvation and grant me a willing and steadfast spirit to sustain me and what a blessing to sense Holy Spirit ministering that to me.

Even before I cracked open the psalm, as I began in prayer, God just brought the plight of the lost into my heart and as my heart became heavy it was clear that my first area of repentance needed to be lack of zeal in seeking out and sharing the gospel with the lost. As I proceeded down the psalm, how I prayed those verses that delcare ‘then I will teach transgressers your ways and sinners will turn back to you’ as I sensed that burden as well as the equipping of God for the tast afresh.

As soon as I had prayed ‘open my lips and my mouth will declare your praise’ so my spirit began to sing and pray as he enabled me in the prayer language he has given me.

I want to testify to you today that God is willing, every day and at all times, to make you holy, keep you holy and fill you with all that is good. Friends, don’t settle for less than all your Father wants for you in Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

Blessed are you Lord, our God, the King of the universe, who sanctifies us with His Holy Spirit and empowers us for obedient service.

Be Holy. Today.

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