Just a few things…

Had opportunity to share the ‘4 points’ at the prison this morning, where I’m a chaplain. Great simple tool to get hold of for your witnessing. Gives you just enough of a prompt to enable you to share from your heart. Like I said, they have some good resources to help you at the site


I’m reading ‘ReJesus’ by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch. Eminantly more readable that Hirch’s previous offering, but equally as powerful. The main thrust of the book is how we so often manage to cage Jesus up and build a whole lot of stuff around him that he gets squashed out. The book claims we need to re-Jesus the church..put him back at the centre. Absolutely. Do it.


I recently attended an award ceremony as part of the Street Pastor initiative where we were awarded a ‘Good Samaritan’ award from the charity ‘Diced Cap’, which is a police charity (our police officers were a checked band on their caps, thus ‘diced cap’). Great to see the police not only recognising the work of Street Pastors, but also of many Christians across the city involved in some great ministry.


I was speaking to a comrade in charge of the work in the Belgian Command yesterday. He was speaking of the challenge of doing mission in places such as Belgium where their is neither a strong Christian ethos or heritage and where people are caught up in secularism, materialism and indifference. This aren’t easy for the Army either…the major is driving as much as 300 miles every Sunday to preach here and there and encourage a strong sense of mission for his officers and soldiers. Pray for them, Majors Jacques and Yvonne Rouffet.


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