Missional weight

Things are progressing well on our front. I’d say its a steady advance. We’re also becoming slimmer in some areas to enhance our effectiveness. Its like taking the extra pair of boots out of your backpack to make you a bit lighter on your feet. This is an important thing to do. It may be that as you walk along the road, you’ll find something that you really need to pick up and put in the space that you’re old boots once occupied.

In Salvation Army terms, we often find it traumatic to stop doing a thing. We see it a sense of failure (espeically when it comes to a musical section perhaps – and I don’t say that without quaiilification, as we’ve experienced having to do that!) and don’t often see any benefit from not doing a thing.

There was a timely reminded on armybarmy blog in the last couple of days with regards to ‘limitation.’ Essentially, SC was saying that the missionary situation in our world means that there is never a shortage of work to be done. Of course. We do know the reality, however, in that whilst the mission needing doing in the community is not limiting, sometimes our corps environment is. I believe thats where leaders in particulr have to be strong in helping corps discover a strong sense of mission.

Lighter isn’t essentially weaker. It can often mean that its easier to respond, easier to act, easier to adapt and adopt. Having said that, if being weighty is acheiving the results, then thats the main thing. I think there is a firm who have ‘Just do it’ as their mantra…not a bad one for us.

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