Missional Salvationists Update

Just a note for those interested in the ‘Missional Salvationists’ group. We intended to use shapevine.com because it offered a good variety of media opportunities, however, its not seeming as if its quite up to coping with the numbers of people wanting to join the group! So, we’re going to use the facebook group for the main ‘hub’ of the group as well as other sites for hosting documents/files and good old youtube for teaching videos.

We will be starting in full after Easter and my little holiday after Easter with ‘gospel for the poor.’ For now, there is a ‘primer’ on Primitive Salvationism…a discussion on a document written by Captain Stephen Court which can be found online (in both JAC and Primitive Salvationism website) from the link on the facebook page.

I hope in time to include some video teaching from some other folks, not just little ole me.

Head over to facebook, search for Missional Salvationists, and join up before it all kicks off in full.

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