Back from hols

All rested, refreshed and all the other ‘re’ words after a wee holiday, we’re now back at the helm. So good to be back (not that the holiday was bad, its just good to be back!)

Spent the week in a place I used to go as a child. In lots of ways, lots of bad memories about the place. But actually, part of the reason for going (for me) was to redeem them. I wandered round that place and thanked God that he’s changed me. I’m in a different place, in Jesus. Best place to be. I thoroughly recommed this. Going back to places you’ve once been and testifying to yourself about the change God has made is such an encouraging experience. Go do it (if you need to).

In other news, we had a great Easter celebration at Torry…our first monthly celebration, a gathering of our cells/groups/people. Was a great little crowd and just thank God for it. Not long until the next one! Yup…good steps forward, praise God.

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