I testify to His glory

I’m immensely grateful that God isn’t finished me yet. I’m immensely grateful that people who knew me 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago and maybe only a couple of months ago would hopefully see a work in progress, but making progress, all glory to God.

I can testify as to how he has led me spiritually into deeper wells of intimacy with him for his glory. I can testify how he has continually challenged my leadership, crafting me ever so consistently inspite of my inconsistency for his glory. I can testify to him leading me deeper into his word, seeking to get to grips with his call and testimony to us, in ever increasing measure for his glory. Friends, God is good and if he can do that with me, modern-day ‘chief of sinners’, he can do it with anyone. Trust him.

He has graciously brought me to this point in life, where I can not only take the opportunity to re-think, take stock and evaluate the past, but where he has lined up for me a whole raft of opportunities that I’ve never had. Such is his investment in me as a child of his. I’ve never known the love of a Father anything like that.

Yet, to whom much is given, much is expected and my prayer is that I will increase in effectiveness for his glory.

When you’ve heard the call of God on your life there is no turning back. I’ve come to realise this more and more through both the choices I have had to make and the choices I’ve failed to make correctly. The thought that consumes my day to day thinking is that I will not settle for anything less that God’s will, and that I’d find ways to stop living in anyway that is contrary to the values of His Kingdom.

Oh boy, when you have those thoughs, every day is a challenge, and adventure and has a sense of urgency and direction. Trying to live out even the smallest aspect of the hugeness of his Kingdom just blows my mind. I’ve enjoyed re-reading ‘Irresistable Revolution’ by Shane Claiborne and every glimpse of the Kingdom fleshed out is such a revelation in so many ways.

My Kingdom Ambition is that I’d help see the Kingdom come in a very tangible way here in Torry, in my family and in The Salvation Army. Enough to keep you busy!

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