Books for the Revolution

Martin Thompson recently asked for some recent books that have rocked your world. There are a couple of books that have literally caused earthquakes (and the accompanying devastation!) in my life recently. Here they are:

You See Bones by Floyd McClung: McClung outlines his vision for simple, reproducable church planting movements. The whole vision just captivated my desire to see the world won for God.

Organic Church by Neil Cole: McClung quotes Cole a bit, so I go out an buy Cole. Cole blasts my picture and frame of reference for how I see the Body function and how it looks and plants the organic/simple vision in my heart and mind yet further.

The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch: Hirsch is quoted by McClung and Cole, so I go out and buy the book. Hirsch is talking at a deeper level about what is the common DNA of any Jesus movement…everything from the early church to the monastic movement to the current day Chinese church phenomenon. He outlines this missional DNA and provides solid foundations for any who would see Christian communties established, whether they are conventional or organic.

Organic Leadership by Neil Cole: related to his last book, Cole moves to talk about what kind of leaders lead organic churches as well as looking at the concept of ordination and ‘professional clergy.’ Extremely challenging and just making me rethink my whole approach.

Finding Organic Church by Frank Viola: well, if the other guys were mid blowing, Viola was the final blow. He rocks my leadership boat even further but yet goes on to build on the vision to see non-institutional, fully participatory Chrisitan communities emerging and the reimagining of apostolic ministry in our day.

Man, talk about revolution? I’m messed up! Best thing is, I’m probably closer to Jesus than I’ve ever been and through a whole load of repentance about ‘the thing I made it’ just totally excited about whatever the future holds, no matter what happens.

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