Farewell Post

After what has been a very strange few weeks of conversation with our Army leaders, the conclusion that has been decided upon is that we will no longer be Salvation Army officers. This fills us with a great sense of grief and profound disappointment. No words to adequately describe all that resides in our heart at the moment.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us on the way, who has allowed us to journey with them and who have invited us to be part of their lives during our officership.

We have no immediate plans and are trusting God for our future.

We want to bless The Salvation Army and its ministry. We will continute to pray and work for Army renewal.

yours in Jesus


3 thoughts on “Farewell Post

  1. Andrew,Sorry to hear the news. Will pray for you and your family. Keep trusting the Lord. His plans for you will be fufilled. Having walked this way myself (with a young family) a number of years ago now, my testimony is that God was so, so faithful.God bless you.Bernard

  2. Hi Andrew, although we don't know each other, I'm saddened to hear of your departure from officership. I linked to your blog from The Rubicon. Although I don't know the issues surrounding your decision, I know they must be agonising. Know that you're in my prayers and that the time you've given in service has been much appreciated.Kathie Chiu (Major)Canada

  3. oh dear!!! I really need to catch up with you guys as this is quite a shock for me! Andrew, you havent visited us yet…I hope you all can come and visit for a cuppa and home-made cake!!Aleksandra-Zarko-Kostek

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