No Frills

There are still some days that come when I’d still be quite happy to see any form of formal church a long distance away.  Thats not to say that I don’t appreciate the place I work or the other people I fellowship with.  I know that churches gather their traditions over the years and a fair deal of ‘stuff’ gets added to the ‘hairball’ of the ecclesiastical protocol.

For me, the over-riding question is mission.  What serves mission and what brings us closer to the possibility of making the kingdom tangible in our day.  I have my dream, my vision of what I long for that to be and it rarely has the tangledness of the established church of any sort.  I have no hesitation to adapt my measures to any situation if it means mission can take place, even ‘play the games’ of any organisation I’m linked to.  Its still tiring though and every now and again you just have to sigh a big sigh and plod on.  I firgure that if I’m really committed to the principle of ‘adaption of measures’ then there is little I’d do to pass up the opportunity of sharing Jesus with people.  Its what I signed up for. 

But yet, some days I’d happily walk away, disappear of the map and immerse myself in a community somewhere for the rest of my days. God knows the desire of my heart and I trust him to bring it to pass.

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