empty-handsI’m so grateful, after a busy lead up to Easter, to be having a couple of weeks holiday.  I feel so in need of it.  Yes, on the one hand, Trinity provides a challenge to anyone who’d seek to give leadership to it, but on the other hand its always more of a challenge to give leadership to myself.  Easter itself, however, was great…many powerful and challenging moments, fresh dedications to discipleship and a few people pledging their allegiance to Jesus maybe for the first time.  Praise God.

So, I hope for some holy days…by that I mean days with time for reflection, quiet, reading, and working a few things out in my own walk of discipleship.  With regards my own discipleship, I’m still working at creating a framework for my own discipleship – to use a technical term, a ‘rule of life’ – built on the three key aspects of ‘Loving God, Loving Others, Making Disciples’.  I shared the beginning of that work a while back, but seeking to take more time over it.  I’m also hoping that what arises may be helpful to others and provide a bit of a pathway for others seeking a similar thing.  You never know, maybe even a small band of folks who might like to commit to it.

So basically, looking at ways to express ‘centring on Jesus,’ ‘sharing life with one another’ and ‘living a missional life’.   Its a season of quiet ‘vocational discernment’ and exploration to re-shape my path as I move on through my 30s …

Incidentally, if there are individuals interested on what I’m working on and who want to share in the formation of this ‘rule’, please get in touch through all the usual places (blog/facebook or my personal email which is turasaiche(at)gmail.com).

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