It strikes me more and more that we need to live to keep alive, daily, the question of ‘who is Jesus to me today?’  The old maxim says ‘the Jesus you see will dictate the Christian you will be.’

Some people look at the bible and see a homophobic, judgemental, racist, critical and condemnatory Jesus.  I just struggle to know where they start with that.  Some people look in the bible and see a Jesus who didn’t issue the call to come and die to self, take up the cross, and live life as a devoted follower of his.  I can’t begin to imagine what I’d have to cut out to see that Jesus.

When I look at the pages of the gospels I see a Jesus who ate with the wrong people, upset the wrong people, loved in the wrong way and lived the wrong way to such an extent that there were some who were willing to kill him for it.

If that is the Jesus I see, why does my existence provoke so little in the hearts and minds of others?  If that is the Jesus I follow, should I listen to him when he says ‘woe to you when people speak well of you.’   Does the way I live my life resemble anything of my Lord at all?

These are the questions to live, sit with, ponder, and allow to do their work.  This, it seems to me, is the sharp end of what it must mean to be a disciple.

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