The biggest barrier to engaging in mission of any sort is disconnection.

1.  Disconnection from God.  God doesn’t go far, its one of the things he can’t do.  He is in everything, we cannot escape his presence.  We, however, are very good at failing to connect with the presence of God, the Divine.  Don’t beat yourself up though, today can be the day where you resolve to pause and practice God’s presence.  Take a few moments to stop and just ‘be’.  It was Karl Jung who said ‘Bidden or not bidden, God is present.’  The question is ‘are you present to Him?’

2.  Disconnection from ourselves.  Not only are we out of touch with God at times, but we allow life to rush by at a ridiculous rate of knots, driven by deadlines, should dos, must dos and ought to dos.  It is easy to continue is such a way as to end up saying to your self ‘where has this year gone?!’  The answer to that is that you simply missed it.  You’ve let life get in the way of living.  Sabbath is a good remedy for this.  It not only gives space to connect with God, but it gives space not to feel you have to work, create, achieve or any other such frantic thing.  If we aren’t living a balance life, we certainly aren’t going to believe we have anytime to stop and connect with our wider community.

3.  Disconnection from people.  I think the biggest barrier is simply this:  Christians spend too much time with Christians.  Sure, we want to be committed to the body of Christ.  But when our busy work schedules and Christian meetings are done, there is little time left to engage creatively and lovingly with friends as well as to nourish and invest in our families.  Do yourself a favour, quit the religious stuff.  De-join a committee or two, or three.  Turn of the telly for a bit.  Recognise that there is a time for everything and take time to reconnect with those we want to bless in the name of the Father, Son and Spirit.

The world does not need more church services, more sermons or more meetings.  What the world does need is for those who have been touched with the healing power of the cross to go out in the the ‘highways and byways’ and reconnect with all God’s people who need to know his love and healing.

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