The Big Vision

feetI’m a passionate follower of Jesus.  I love his church.  I long to see his Kingdom come, his will be done.

We live in a world where the church is facing massive challenges as it seeks to engage in the 21st century.

We live in a world where around 85% of people will simply not be touched by our current forms of traditional church, regardless of funky music, attractive programmes, or engaging preaching.

We have a problem.  We want people to connect with Jesus and his Way.

Whilst I want to bless and encourage the church as it meets in its many different ways, it is clear that the need for change is here.  This is not new news.  You know this already.

The Call

And so, I want to add my voice to call you into the movement; into the Way of Jesus.   This is not my movement or yours, it is not geographically bound but universal.  I want to communicate it as simply as I can.

1.  Pray.  Connect with God; pray with others; pray alone; learn to pray; teach others to pray…Connect with God.  This is our first call…to love the Lord with heart, soul, mind and strength.

2.  Connect. having done all that, hit the road. Carry the blessing, the peace, the shalom, the community, the love, all of it, as you go both alone and together. Live open lives in such a ways that you’ll help people connect with God above all else.  Practice radical hospitality, care for the poor, connect with real people.

3.  Gather.  You can’t live this Way on your own.  You need likeminded people who will join hearts and hands with you.  You probably already know some of them.  Eat together, encourage one another, do the prayer thing together, and seek to find creative ways to impact your world.  Gather wherever and whenever you can, seeking to build community with others.  Be the new community of God for the new people of God and kickstart the movement today where you are.

Simple as that.  Many of you will be doing these things already.  Other things will arise on the way, but there are the three foundational calls.

Why the big announcement?
I basically want to equip this in simple ways.  I want to encourage people to network together to act on this, not just to talk about it and read about it.  I want to encourage people to live like this and I want people to know that they don’t have to do it alone.   I want to invite you and help you to find ways to make it happen in your own context.

What now?
Quite simply, talk to Jesus about these three calls.  How are you doing in these three areas at the moment? If you were to make those three things core parts of your life, how would it look for you?

Then, watch for the link to a simple website (here) which will act as an online resource to equip you to respond and figure out what these calls mean for you.  We will bring you news from others, but also accessible and practical resources, articles and videos to help you do it.

Simple as that.  

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