Getting stuck in…

1506890_10152252889192069_832260893_nI really want my remaining time in Newcastle upon Tyne to be about creative and active discipleship, both doing it and encouraging it.  The wee vision I announced yesterday which I hope people will engage in will hopefully gain a little momentum at least amongst a few people bold enough to dare.

It is important, however, to ‘lead’ by example. Important to get stuck in!  I am already involved in facilitating Tyneside Forest Church roughly once a month, which has had its fits and starts but developing reasonably, although not necessarily as I’d like.  It is very experimental and I’ve learned a lot from it so far.  We’ve had some great sessions, and a few great moments along the way so far.

The challenge, as someone committed to an apostolic dynamic to ministry, is to continue to be creative but also to create opportunities that don’t rely on me for the long term.  We see from scripture that Paul rarely spent long times with the communities he founded.  If the foundations are laid right, the work of the community will continue.

Anyway, as my commitment to PCG Community, I’m going to invest my day off in pioneering the Clann Community…a new monastic community in the Celtic Monastic tradition.  I’m open to ‘whoever’ being part of this, but I’m going to invest time personally in seeking to connect with folks not yet connected to a Jesus community.  I guess if you feel you want to explore living a PCG Community rhythm and can cope with a bit of indigenous North-Eastern Christian expression, you might consider getting involved.  The embryonic website is here.

I’m an experiential learner.  I’m coming up to study a MA in Celtic Mission and Spirituality, hoping to look at new monasticism in my dissertation, so would be glad of company on the learning experience! 😉

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