Clann Community – My Response to PCG challenge

So what came first?  The chicken or the egg?  I’m not that bothered about chickens and their eggs, but I’m still working out my own response to the call of Jesus which can be summed up in Pray, Connect, Gather.  Simple terms.  I mentioned a little in the last post, but have taken a few steps along the line since then.

For some time I’ve wanted to pioneer a small community, a missional community, in the Celtic tradition…it is partly what has led me to promote the PCG Community.  For me, as I said in the last post, I’ve had a keen sense of call to do this in Newcastle for a wee while.  In this case, this call came before the PCG stuff, but totally makes sense in that context.

I want to invest some of my time to get a small community off the ground: very informal, focussed on spirituality and spiritual practice, rooted in creation around us, a place for the arts to flourish too.  So, I’ve contacted my friends at the Holy Biscuit in Shieldfield, a Methodist run project, and I’m going to hire their fantastic space once a month to hold the monthly gathering for worship for Clann Community.  The weeks in between, we’ll meet out in the community, connecting.

When I say we, I mean the small handful of people who may be interested in being part of the launch team and all those we’ll contact through the simple outreach of prayer and conversation in the public square.   I already have a couple of expressions of interest, which is great.    If there are any others interested, have a look at our simple blog  at

The reasons for a Monday community is quite simply because its my day off from my paid role.  I’m often in public places chilling out on my day off, and it fits into the rhythm of my week to use that day for gentle contact with people and sharing news about an open, inclusive and hopefully meaningful group.

I don’t particularly want millions of already Christians to hoard up, but I probably need one or two folks who ‘get’ what the picture might look like.  If thats you, get in touch.  Equally, if you have Mondays spare and want to do some creative outreach during the day, get in touch.  More than that, hold me and this little initiative in your prayers.  I’d appreciate that. I’ll keep you up to date with how its going.

In the mean time, have a look at the gatherings that are in place already:

peace and good,

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