10436198_584855781634172_8608291948743982162_nSometimes I wonder if the church has just lost its imagination in so many places.  Its either that, or we get so involved in maintaining the status quo that we lose the ability to be creative and think fresh ideas.  I came across this great graphic this week.  It basically says use your noggin, have a go, keep trying and eventually you’ll hit the spot.

Over the years I’ve sat in many a meeting with great folk, creative folk, people working in highly sophisticated and intelligent environments, but when it comes to the mission of the church don’t seem able to burst out the box.  It is so sad, because we claim to worship a creative God.

It is, actually, so simple and we make it so complicated.  Most of the time, its actually only about taking a leaf out of someone else’s book.

This week, for example, I came across ‘Night Church’ in Chester.  They open up the church from 10pm – 1am, put on some ambient lighting, some chill out music, have tea and coffee on tap, have people on hand to talk and pray, have a place where people can post prayers or light candles and its a rip roaring success.  People come out of curiosity for a look, the like that the church can provide such a chill out zone and they genuinely like it.

Now, isn’t that a fab idea?  To be honest, sounds like the kind of church I’d like to go to.  And you know what?  I reckon I’ll probably try it at Trinity before the year is out because its such a simple thing.  It is simply about having a good theology of ‘space’ and ‘place’.  Its that same reason people flock to cathedrals, holy wells and stone circles, country churches and other such places: people have a concept of transcendence, eternity is ‘set in their heart’, the bible tells us, and the want to connect.

Does your situation lack creative vision?  Speak to Jesus about it.


One thought on “Creativity

  1. Very true. We can mix old with new. We sometimes have a problem with that. Leaving the safe for a new way of doing things. We can do both or all.

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