Not all the people bite…

si-40-2-race-2I find people fascinating.  One of the things I love doing is travelling into London, where it seems like people from every tribe, nation and language have gathered to live together, alongside hoards of visitors from other places around the world.  Its fascinating watching them and I’m reminded from the visions painted in scripture that the ultimate expression of multiculturalism will be around the throne of God in the New Heaven and Earth.

So, if we’re in the business of praying and moving history towards God’s perfect future, we want to be praying ‘your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in Heaven’ as well as enacting it, making it happen, seeing it come to fruition.

We live in divisive days where increasing wedges are filtering between people, where were being encouraged to be afraid of difference and diversity.

I have no control over the world, over anyone else, but I can choose my own attitude and responses.  For me, a journey to the capital is a great opportunity to drink in the amazing faces, cultures, characteristics and stories of other people, whether from these islands or further afield.  I’m not a Londoner, so don’t have the genetic predisposition to staring at my feet on the underground….no, I’m making eye contact all over the place….a smile here, a nod there.  We’re all human under our clothes, and we all have the same needs of love, security, peace of mind and all the rest.

In a world that seeks to divide, I think the only appropriate Kingdom response is to live in the opposite spirit:  create community, break down walls, trust instead of fear, smile and think the best of people.  Worth a go, I

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